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"I had one of “the works” packages shipped out to Alberta on the recommendation of a buddy of mine and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. The hot sauces were absolutely full of flavour without just being all heat or vinegar like most sauces on the market. I really can’t recommend these enough and will most definitely be ordering again when my bottles run out (which will be sooner than later)." - Jamie K

Detailed Product Review by C. Sawatzky

"This trail mix is AWESOME and DELICIOUS! This snack got my taste buds tingling with it’s sweet and salty flavours.  I love it!! Heart emoji heart emoji!!!"  - Lily age 10, 

"Just had Chilean Sea Bass and added Pollo Y Pescado  so good!!! - Sara

"I use Rousay Red as my 'secret ingredient' when I make Caesars!" - Mike O.

"Your products are the bomb!"    - Paul Fancy 

"I put Rousay Red #5 on everything! #truth!"  - Deena Misale

"I really love your packaging  It's simple but very sophisticated.  Not only is your stuff super yummy its presentation is good! Now slap a name on there and and sell it!"  - Amy Auvil

"Immediately tried the sauces - awesome! My wife gave two thumbs up to the cheese bits!"  - Dan Randazzo