Spicy Sauces

In addition to our hot sauces we have two additional spicy sauces available as well as our spicy BBQ rub.   Our Balsamic Burn Marinade/Sauce is a combination of Balsamic vinegar, Rousay Red #5 hot sauce and homemade ketchup.  Great for marinading meats, used as a salad dressing, topper for rice dishes or even on wings!  Our other sauce is our Cherry Fusion BBQ Sauce.  Thick sweet bbq sauce made with cherries and Rousay Red #5 for a kick!  Great for any type of grilling,  as a burger topping, ribs and of course wings!  We recently added Evelyn's Killer BBQ Rub to our spicy collection.  Mix 2 tbsp of rub with juice from 1 lime to make an incredible Southwest style flavour that really makes your meal pop!