Spicy Sauces

In addition to our hot sauces we have three additional spicy sauces available as well as our spicy BBQ rub.  Our Balsamic Burn Marinade/Sauce is a combination of Balsamic vinegar, Rousay Red #5 hot sauce and homemade ketchup.  Great for marinading meats, used as a salad dressing, topper for rice dishes or even on wings! 

Our other spicy sauce is our Cherry Fusion BBQ Sauce.  Thick sweet bbq sauce made with cherries and Rousay Red #5 for a kick!  Great for any type of grilling,  as a burger topping, ribs and of course wings! 

Our latest "spicy" sauce is actually a hot sauce but it is made for grilling so we have included it with our marinade and BBQ sauce. Fearman's Fire - Apple Sauce With Attitude is a great addition to any pork or chicken dishes.   Its also great on a charcuterie board on aged cheddar or a baked Brie.  

To round out our grilling products we have added Evelyn's Killer BBQ Rub to our spicy collection.  Mix 2 tbsp of rub with juice from 1 lime to make an incredible Southwest style flavour that really makes your meal pop!  Or mix with orange juice for something completely different!  And if you mix it with apple cider, make the paste and put on pork ribs you can finish it with Fearman's Fire for a real spicy apple taste!