Product Review By C. Sawatzky

Cheese snacks:

When I ate the first piece, I thought of it just as simple baked dry cheese crumble. Within a few seconds the flavour started to come out and I took a second piece. The flavour continued to build and the next thing you know, I was reaching for one piece after another. I did not find them hot but had enough heat to just make them a bit addictive 

Sunflower seeds: I have not eaten yet, looking forward to eating them on my first camping trip in the spring.

Pollo I Pescado – Lime-Jalapeno Hot Sauce

I found this sauce to go very well with sweetened and/or citrusy type foods. I tried it on Pizza with Pineapple, grilled fish, some chicken, pork Milanese and pan pork chops.

My favourite by a long shot was a nice pork chop with sauteed apple slices and onion. The lime in the hot sauce just made the whole flavour profile pope with the sweetness of the apple and some heat from the Jalapeno.

Rousay Red #5 – All-Purpose Hot Sauce

So much to say here 😊

First the ½ teaspoon test, clean palate, straight up tasting. My first impression was that it was very ketchup flavoured and a very smooth sauce. I love some texture.

I tried the sauce on a number of meals and to my surprise quickly found myself reaching back for more sauce. The sauce worked very well on chicken wings, sticking to the wings nicely and complements greasy wings well. 

Other meals I tried the sauce on were various fried foods, pasta, pizza, pad Thai and my favourite of all were chicken fajitas that I made a few days ago.

As I already had some cheese and sour cream in the fajita, adding the Rousay Red #5 sauce, WOW!!! The combination of this sauce and some creaminess, it was just amazing. The two components just matched so well together. 

I found overall the sauce went very well with any dish that had cheese or dairy components. The sauce is very balanced and lives up to the All-Purpose description very well.