Hot Sauces

We currently offer 8 hot sauces that are quite distinct from each other.  Rousay Red #5 is a red hot sauce that you can use on anything while our Pollo Y Pescado hot sauce is a lime based sauce that pairs very will with chicken (pollo) and fish (pescado) dishes! Molten Mango starts off fruity then transforms to a lingering heat that will make your mouth water!  Nikola's Electric Elixir is an exotic blend of ginger, turmeric and scotch bonnet peppers that pairs great with rice dishes.  Devil's Punch is our hottest sauce yet combining strawberries, pineapple and Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers!  We created a less spicy kiwi-jalapeno sauce called MILDFire but liked it so much we added green Thai chilis and spiced it up as WILDFire. 

Our latest sauce is our Buffalo Bound! Buffalo Style Wing Sauce, our take on the classic hot sauce flavour!