Fearman's Fire - Apple Sauce With Attitude!

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We have created an incredibly tasty apple hot sauce that covers the range of sweet, tangy and spicy!  Made with Gala and Golden Delicious apples and apple cider from Bennett's Apples and Ciders we've also added some apple cider vinegar to make this an apple sauce with bite!  Maxzim Maple Products maple syrup adds to the sweetness and the heat is powered by serrano, jalapeno and poblano peppers.  Some sumac and tamarind paste round out the tangy flavour!

This sauce was originally created for grilling pork products like pork chops, ribs, tenderloin, roast but has many other interesting uses.  It's fantastic on a charcuterie board especially on aged cheddar on crackers or if you bake a Brie, cut the side and let the soft cheese ooze out then sprinkle apple hot sauce on it before scooping it up with crackers!  And just like our Cherry Fusion BBQ sauce its reaaaally good on vanilla ice cream!

Available in 237 ml / 8 oz bottles.