What's New?

Check out this section to hear about up and coming products and promotions!

Things we are working on: 

  1. getting used to managing a website/business
  2. ensuring our customers are excited about our products
  3. ways to improve our website
  4. new products:  we have a couple of things on the side burner and a few more on the back burner that we will be rolling out next.  We need to see how it goes with recreating these ideas in the commercial kitchen before rolling them out!


Our first year was a steep learning curve and we ventured forward with our online store.  We were overjoyed at the support we got and in our second year we decided to focus on selling our products in person!  We have been regular vendors at both the Ottawa Street Farmers Market in Hamilton and at the Aldershot BIA Community Market in Burlington as well as a participating in a few one time events.

As we head into our third year our goal is to expand our retail footprint and improve our advertising.  We have added a new sauce to our collection giving us 10 in total.  Buffalo Bound! Buffalo Style Wing Sauce is our attempt to create and possibly improve on the traditional and classic taste that is used on chicken wings.  

We have a few new ideas we are working on as well so stay tuned to see what we have cooking!