Church of Hot Sauce/Pepper Bae

Chris Fisher, aka Pepper Bae recently started a new YouTube Channel called Church of Hot Sauce and it is appropriately held oh Sundays!  Chris reviews various sauces and products from different companies  and does a great job showing his  culinary knowledge and combining it with his love of hot (he is a member of the global League Of Fire trying to climb the rankings and win titles at various hot pepper eating contests!).  The nice thing about Chris' podcast/show is he always ends the episode with his weekly Spicy Sermon on life.  This great because its just him talking about things going on in his life and how other people can relate and it doesn't necessarily involve hot sauce.  Just one man and his thoughts!

Armageddon Cheese Review


Rousay Red #5 Hot Sauce Review


Buffalo Bound! Buffalo Style Wing Sauce Review


Devil's Punch Hot Sauce Review


Cherry Fusion BBQ Sauce Review


Church of Hot Sauce Full Episode #10 - Armageddon Cheese review included


Church of Hot Sauce Full Episode #11 - Heat From the Hammer Hot Sauces