As evident by our Heat From Above: Fiery Cheese Bites we are very passionate about and proud of the Avro Lancaster bomber that calls our city home.  We have come to an agreement with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum where we will be donating to them $0.50 from every bag of our cheese snack that we sell.  We feel that the preservation of history is important and the museum is a wonderful hands on place that tells the story of aviation through the restoration and operation of historically significant aircraft including our beloved Lancaster.  We are also finalising selling our cheese snack in the museum gift shop so keep your eyes open!

If you have never had a chance to visit the museum, it is located beside Mount Hope Airport in Hamilton.  Information on the museum can be found here:


Donations to the museum can be made here:


Another unique way that you can support the museum is through I Love A Hangar.  Proceeds from their shoe sales also go to the museum.